Playing in the Band

by Robert Hunter & Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 56 Shows

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12/27/2013Fire on the Mountain,Playing in the Band>Altheaset 2
9/20/2014Althea,Playing in the Band->Unbroken Chainset 1
9/20/2014St. Stephen->Playing in the Band[closer]set 2
12/31/2014[opener]Playing in the Band->Ramble On Roseset 2
2/6/2015Bird Song->Playing in the Band->Eyes of the Worldset 2
2/16/2015West LA Fadeaway,Playing in the Band[closer]set 1
4/22/2015[opener]Playing in the Band>Ramble On Roseset 2
5/24/2015Shakedown Street->Playing in the Band->China Cat Sunflowerset 1
5/30/2015Black Peter->Playing in the Band,Scarlet Begoniasset 2
9/19/2015Ramble On Rose,Playing in the Band->Cumberland Bluesset 1
10/2/2015Jam->Playing in the Band,Brokedown Palaceset 2
10/31/2015Promised Land,Playing in the Band->Reuben and Cheriseset 1
12/19/2015Eyes of the World>Playing in the Band>He's Goneset 2
2/11/2016[opener]Playing in the Band,Magnificent Sanctuary Bandset 2
7/2/2016Sunshine Daydream>Playing in the Band->No Quarterset 2
7/2/2016No Quarter->Playing in the Band->Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodlelooset 2
10/6/2016Here Comes Sunshine->Playing in the Band[closer]set 3
11/26/2016Eyes of the World->Playing in the Band[closer]set 2
3/16/2017Touch of Grey>Playing in the Band->Wharf Ratset 2
7/21/2017Althea->Playing in the Band->The 'In' Crowdset 1
7/21/2017The 'In' Crowd->Playing in the Band,They Love Each Otherset 1
8/26/2017He's Gone>Playing in the Band->Samson and Delilahset 1
10/7/2017New Speedway Boogie->Playing in the Band->Eyes of the Worldset 1
10/26/2017Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodleloo>Playing in the Band,The Other Oneset 2
11/11/2017Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodleloo->Playing in the Band[closer]set 1
12/4/2017I Need A Miracle,Playing in the Band,Tennessee Jedset 1
1/13/2018Pride of Cucamonga,Playing in the Band[closer]set 1
3/9/2018Peggy-O,Playing in the Band[closer]set 2
3/17/2018[opener]Playing in the Band->Altheaset 1
5/4/2018Tennessee Jed>Playing in the Band->Jamset 2
7/14/2018Box of Rain,Playing in the Band[closer]set 2
2/21/2020Stella Blue>Playing in the Band[closer]set 2
7/21/2018Loser>Playing in the Band[closer]set 1
8/16/2018[opener]Playing in the Band->Bird Songset 1
10/19/2018Althea,Playing in the Band->St. Stephenset 2
11/9/2018The Wheel>Playing in the Band>Here Comes Sunshineset 2
1/20/2019Here Comes Sunshine->Playing in the Band->Eyes of the Worldset 2
2/17/2019He's Gone>Playing in the Band->Row Jimmyset 2
3/1/2019Dupree's Diamond Blues,Playing in the Band->So Many Roadsset 2
3/16/2019St. Stephen,Playing in the Band->Crazy Fingersset 1
6/1/2019Crazy Fingers->Playing in the Band->Ramble On Roseset 1
6/15/2019He's Gone>Playing in the Band>Lady With a Fanset 1
7/11/2019Hoodoo Voodoo->Playing in the Band,Altheaset 1
8/22/2019Peggy-O->Playing in the Band>The Other Oneset 1
9/12/2019Might as Well->Playing in the Band->Altheaset 1
10/1/2020Slipknot!>Playing in the Band,Not Fade Awayset 2
5/30/2021He's Gone->Playing in the Band->Samson and Delilahset 2
7/2/2021Slipknot!>Playing in the Band,Loserset 1
8/14/2021The Wheel>Playing in the Band[closer]set 1
8/23/2021New Speedway Boogie->Playing in the Band->Wharf Ratset 1
10/8/2021Dark Hollow,Playing in the Band,Wharf Ratset 1
10/22/2021He's Gone,Playing in the Band[closer]set 1
2/12/2022Eyes of the World>Playing in the Band,Sugareeset 2
4/28/2022Eyes of the World>Playing in the Band,Werewolves of Londonset 2
5/14/2022Bird Song>Playing in the Band,King Solomon's Marblesset 2
6/24/2022I Know You Rider>Playing in the Band>Stella Blueset 1