Going Down The Road Feeling Bad


Performed at 37 Shows

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2/7/2015set 1Fire on the Mountain->GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
2/14/2015set 2China Cat Sunflower->GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight
4/25/2015encore[opener]GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
5/2/2015set 1St. Stephen->GDTRFB>Sugar Magnolia
5/24/2015set 2St. Stephen->GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
10/3/2015set 2Stella Blue,GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight
10/28/2015encore[opener]GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
11/27/2015encore[opener]GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
1/2/2016set 2St. Stephen->GDTRFB->St. Stephen
1/6/2016set 1Reuben and Cherise->GDTRFB>Estimated Prophet
3/24/2016set 1Reuben and Cherise->GDTRFB>Hell In A Bucket
6/30/2016set 2The Eleven,GDTRFB,Drums
8/20/2016set 1Slipknot!>GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
11/26/2016encore[opener]GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
12/15/2016encore[opener]GDTRFB->Sugar Magnolia
1/12/2017encore[opener]GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
3/17/2017set 1L.A. Woman->GDTRFB[closer]
7/16/2017set 1Part II: Let It Grow->GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight
10/5/2017set 1Lazy River Road>GDTRFB[closer]
11/24/2017set 2The Other One>GDTRFB->I Know You Rider
12/4/2017set 1St. Stephen,GDTRFB,We Bid You Goodnight
12/9/2017encore[opener]GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
1/13/2018set 2Cats Under the Stars->GDTRFB,We Bid You Goodnight
3/16/2018set 2So Many Roads->GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight
5/5/2018encore[opener]GDTRFB>Franklin's Tower
7/14/2018encore[opener]GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight
10/18/2018set 2Scarlet Begonias->GDTRFB->Fire on the Mountain
2/14/2019set 2Scarlet Begonias->GDTRFB->Fire on the Mountain
3/13/2019set 2Black Throated Wind->GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight
5/30/2021set 1Cassidy->GDTRFB->Candyman
8/19/2021set 1Silvio>GDTRFB>Mission in the Rain
4/30/2022encoreAbsolutely Sweet Marie>GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
7/8/2022set 1Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again->GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
8/26/2022set 2Reuben and Cherise>GDTRFB>We Bid You Goodnight
1/29/2023set 2Dear Mr Fantasy->GDTRFB->We Bid You Goodnight