Black Throated Wind

by John Perry Barlow & Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 31 Shows

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4/25/2015Althea,Black Throated Wind>Shakedown Streetset 2
5/16/2015Franklin's Tower,Black Throated Wind->Cryptical Envelopmentset 1
8/22/2015Brown-Eyed Women,Black Throated Wind->I Know You Riderset 1
10/30/2015Fire on the Mountain,Black Throated Wind->Jack Strawset 2
10/30/2015Jack Straw->Black Throated Wind->Jack Strawset 2
12/11/2015[opener]Black Throated Wind>Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodlelooset 2
2/11/2016West LA Fadeaway,Black Throated Wind->Berthaset 2
11/12/2016A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall,Black Throated Wind,When I Paint My Masterpieceset 2
12/2/2016Touch of Grey,Black Throated Wind>Jack Strawset 1
12/17/2016Uncle John's Band>Black Throated Wind->Scarlet Begoniasset 2
3/16/2017King Solomon's Marbles,Black Throated Wind->Jack Strawset 2
6/3/2017Tennessee Jed,Black Throated Wind->Berthaset 1
8/26/2017Althea->Black Throated Wind,Good Lovin'set 1
10/12/2017Part I->Black Throated Wind->Scarlet Begoniasset 1
2/17/2018The Wheel>Black Throated Wind->Jack Strawset 1
3/9/2018Iko Iko,Black Throated Wind->Berthaset 2
9/14/2019[opener]Black Throated Wind->The Festivalset 1
8/16/2018Eyes of the World->Black Throated Wind->Jack Strawset 1
10/25/2018Brown-Eyed Women,Black Throated Wind->Berthaset 2
1/18/2019Fire on the Mountain>Black Throated Wind,Berthaset 1
3/1/2019[opener]Black Throated Wind->Dupree's Diamond Bluesset 2
3/13/2019Easy Wind,Black Throated Wind->Going Down The Road Feeling Badset 2
6/14/2019Shakedown Street->Black Throated Wind>Touch of Greyset 1
7/13/2019Loser->Black Throated Wind>Berthaset 1
10/1/2020Tennessee Jed,Black Throated Wind>Touch of Greyset 1
7/30/2021Jack A Roe,Black Throated Wind->Jack Strawset 1
8/19/2021[opener]Black Throated Wind>Uncle John's Bandset 2
10/9/2021Jack Straw>Black Throated Wind>Alice D. Millionaireset 1
2/11/2022Cumberland Blues,Black Throated Wind->Scarlet Begoniasset 2
3/19/2022[opener]Black Throated Wind->I Know You Riderset 2
4/28/2022Bertha,Black Throated Wind>I Know You Riderset 1