Mission in the Rain

by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia (Jerry Garcia Band)

Performed at 10 Shows

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1/23/2015Sunshine Daydream,Mission in the Rain[closer]set 2
9/6/2015Unbroken Chain,Mission in the Rain,Lady With a Fanset 1
3/24/2016In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,Mission in the Rain[closer]set 1
3/17/2017Samson and Delilah,Mission in the Rain->Loserset 1
3/10/2018The Other One->Mission in the Rain->Crazy Fingersset 1
3/14/2019New Minglewood Blues,Mission in the Rain,Samson and Delilahset 2
8/17/2019Estimated Prophet->Mission in the Rain>Cumberland Bluesset 2
7/2/2021Shakedown Street>Mission in the Rain>The Other Oneset 2
8/19/2021Going Down The Road Feeling Bad>Mission in the Rain[closer]set 1
5/14/2022King Solomon's Marbles,Mission in the Rain>Touch of Greyset 2