Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

by Norman Span (King Radio)

Performed at 20 Shows

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7/13/2018[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)>Feel Like a Strangerset 1
6/3/2015Atlantic City->Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->I Know You Riderset 1
2/13/2016Here Comes Sunshine->Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->Slipknot!set 2
3/10/2017Don't Ease Me In,Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->China Cat Sunflowerset 1
10/5/2017Bertha->Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->Reuben and Cheriseset 1
11/11/2017[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)>Cats Under the Starsset 2
1/14/2018[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter),Berthaset 2
3/8/2018Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You,Man Smart (Woman Smarter),Not Fade Awayencore
5/4/2018[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)>Help on the Wayset 1
8/2/2018Jack Straw>Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->The Elevenset 1
8/10/2018[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->China Cat Sunflowerset 2
9/13/2019[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter),Eyes of the Worldset 1
10/18/2018[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)>Shakedown Streetset 1
11/8/2018Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)>Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->Throwing Stonesset 1
2/16/2019[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter),Eyes of the Worldset 1
3/13/2019[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->The Elevenset 2
7/13/2019[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter)>Shakedown Streetset 1
6/19/2021Alligator,Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->In Memory of Elizabeth Reedset 2
3/20/2022Reuben and Cherise>Man Smart (Woman Smarter)[closer]set 1
5/14/2022[opener]Man Smart (Woman Smarter),Tennessee Jedset 1