I Need A Miracle

by John Perry Barlow & Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 32 Shows

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7/13/2018Fire on the Mountain,I Need A Miracle->Crazy Fingersset 1
2/23/2020El Paso,I Need A Miracle->Wharf Ratset 1
1/1/2016Jam->I Need A Miracle>New Speedway Boogieset 1
3/25/2016Cream Puff War>I Need A Miracle->Lady With a Fanset 2
7/22/2017Cumberland Blues->I Need A Miracle->Crazy Fingersset 1
10/7/2017Jam->I Need A Miracle->New Speedway Boogieset 1
11/25/2017Bertha>I Need A Miracle>The Night They Drove Old Dixie Downset 1
12/4/2017Bertha,I Need A Miracle,Playing in the Bandset 1
1/13/2018Terrapin Station->I Need A Miracle->Your Time Is Gonna Comeset 2
3/10/2018Slipknot!>I Need A Miracle->Franklin's Towerset 2
4/21/2018Shakedown Street->I Need A Miracle->Ramble On Roseset 2
5/4/2018I Know You Rider>I Need A Miracle[closer]set 1
6/16/2018The Wheel>I Need A Miracle->Not Fade Awayset 1
7/20/2018Jam->I Need A Miracle>Ramble On Roseset 1
10/27/2019Uncle John's Band>I Need A Miracle->It Must Have Been the Rosesset 1
9/14/2019Shakedown Street->I Need A Miracle->Cassidyset 2
8/16/2018The Other One->I Need A Miracle->Estimated Prophetset 2
10/20/2018Magnificent Sanctuary Band,I Need A Miracle>China Cat Sunflowerset 1
1/18/2019Mason's Children>I Need A Miracle>Fast and Looseset 2
2/15/2019Althea,I Need A Miracle>Ramble On Roseset 2
3/3/2019Viola Lee Blues->I Need A Miracle->Dire Wolfset 1
3/16/2019Shakedown Street>I Need A Miracle->Cryptical Envelopmentset 2
6/1/2019I Know You Rider->I Need A Miracle->Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodlelooset 2
6/15/2019Terrapin Refrain>I Need A Miracle>Such a Nightset 1
8/17/2019St. Stephen,I Need A Miracle->Jack Strawset 1
10/3/2020St. Stephen->I Need A Miracle,One More Saturday Nightset 1
7/31/2021West LA Fadeaway>I Need A Miracle->Bird Songset 1
8/23/2021[opener]I Need A Miracle->China Cat Sunflowerset 2
12/3/2021[opener]I Need A Miracle->Estimated Prophetset 1
3/17/2022Cumberland Blues,I Need A Miracle,Wang Dang Doodleset 2
4/30/2022Shakedown Street>I Need A Miracle->Help on the Wayset 2
6/2/2022Crazy Fingers->I Need A Miracle->Loserset 1