Box of Rain

by Phil Lesh & Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 15 Shows

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12/29/2014King Solomon's Marbles,Box of Rain[closer]set 1
1/1/2016It Must Have Been the Roses,Box of Rain[closer]set 1
2/12/2016Greatest Story Ever Told->Box of Rain>Morning Dewset 2
12/31/2016[opener]Box of Rain>The Music Never Stoppedset 2
3/11/2017Big River>Box of Rain>Altheaset 1
8/31/2017New Speedway Boogie->Box of Rain,He's Goneset 1
11/24/2017It Must Have Been the Roses>Box of Rain>Saint of Circumstanceset 1
2/16/2018The Music Never Stopped,Box of Rain,Dealset 2
7/14/2018Tennessee Jed,Box of Rain,Playing in the Bandset 2
9/28/2019Jack Straw,Box of Rain,Turn On Your Lovelightset 1
3/1/2019Jack A Roe>Box of Rain->The Other Oneset 1
3/15/2019[opener]Box of Rain,Born to Runencore
6/1/2019[opener]Box of Rain->Brown-Eyed Womenset 2
7/30/2021China Doll,Box of Rain[closer]set 2
6/2/2022Greatest Story Ever Told,Box of Rain->Pigs (Three Different Ones)set 2