Vampire Blues

by Neil Young

Performed at 8 Shows

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10/31/2015set 1Reuben and Cherise->Vampire Blues->Throwing Stones
11/11/2016set 1Reuben and Cherise>Vampire Blues>Dancing in the Streets
12/4/2016soundcheckNight Train->Vampire Blues->King Solomon's Marbles
5/7/2017set 1Loser->Vampire Blues->Throwing Stones
11/11/2017encoreJam->Vampire Blues->Touch of Grey
3/14/2019set 2[opener]Vampire Blues->Help on the Way
6/1/2022set 2[opener]Vampire Blues->Easy Wind
1/13/2024set 1Reuben and Cherise>Vampire Blues>Fire on the Mountain