Throwing Stones

by John Perry Barlow & Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 66 Shows

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10/11/2014Reuben and Cherise->Throwing Stones->Stella Blueset 2
12/29/2014Mason's Children->Throwing Stones->Dark Starset 2
2/7/2015Reuben and Cherise->Throwing Stones,Fire on the Mountainset 1
2/16/2015Magnificent Sanctuary Band,Throwing Stones->Sunshine Daydreamset 2
4/24/2015Here Comes Sunshine->Throwing Stones->Scarlet Begoniasset 1
5/1/2015Slipknot!>Throwing Stones>Viola Lee Bluesset 2
5/23/2015Viola Lee Blues>Throwing Stones>Berthaset 1
6/6/2015Slipknot!>Throwing Stones,Shakedown Streetset 1
7/5/2015He's Gone->Throwing Stones[closer]set 1
9/6/2015Franklin's Tower,Throwing Stones,I Know You Riderset 2
10/4/2015Slipknot!>Throwing Stones,Morning Dewset 2
10/31/2015Vampire Blues->Throwing Stones,Lady With a Fanset 1
11/28/2015Bertha>Throwing Stones,Black Peterset 1
12/11/2015Brown-Eyed Women>Throwing Stones>Stella Blueset 2
1/2/2016Bertha>Throwing Stones,Alabama Getawayset 1
2/13/2016Franklin's Tower->Throwing Stones->Lady With a Fanset 2
4/29/2016Viola Lee Blues,Throwing Stones[closer]set 1
7/3/2016He's Gone,Throwing Stones[closer]set 1
8/26/2016Franklin's Tower>Throwing Stones,Not Fade Awayset 1
11/12/2016Eyes of the World,Throwing Stones[closer]set 3
12/4/2016Eyes of the World->Throwing Stones->Cumberland Bluesset 2
12/4/2016Cumberland Blues->Throwing Stones->Ramble On Roseset 2
12/30/2016Shakedown Street>Throwing Stones[closer]set 2
1/12/2017Slipknot!>Throwing Stones->Dark Starset 2
1/12/2017Dark Star->Throwing Stones->The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)set 2
3/9/2017Slipknot!>Throwing Stones->New Minglewood Bluesset 1
3/11/2017Althea>Throwing Stones[closer]set 1
4/29/2017Slipknot!>Throwing Stones,It Must Have Been the Rosesset 1
5/7/2017Vampire Blues->Throwing Stones>Stella Blueset 1
6/3/2017Slipknot!->Throwing Stones->Whole Lotta Loveset 1
6/3/2017Whole Lotta Love->Throwing Stones[closer]set 1
8/26/2017Bertha>Throwing Stones,He's Goneset 1
9/2/2017Slipknot!>Throwing Stones->Not Fade Awayset 1
9/2/2017Not Fade Away->Throwing Stones->Not Fade Awayset 1
10/12/2017[opener]Throwing Stones->Jack Strawset 1
10/26/2017Reuben and Cherise,Throwing Stones,Ramble On Roseset 1
11/9/2017Brown-Eyed Women>Throwing Stones>He's Goneset 2
11/24/2017Cats Under the Stars>Throwing Stones,It Must Have Been the Rosesset 1
12/4/2017[opener]Throwing Stones,Feel Like a Strangerset 1
1/12/2018Rosalie McFall,Throwing Stones,Atlantic Cityset 2
2/17/2018Cats Under the Stars>Throwing Stones,He's Goneset 2
3/10/2018Franklin's Tower->Throwing Stones->Chest Feverset 2
7/15/2018Reuben and Cherise>Throwing Stones>The Music Never Stoppedset 1
7/19/2018Bertha>Throwing Stones>Black Peterset 1
11/25/2019Shakedown Street->Throwing Stones[closer]set 2
9/27/2019Bertha>Throwing Stones->Lady With a Fanset 2
8/12/2018Candyman,Throwing Stones[closer]set 1
9/8/2018Slipknot!>Throwing Stones->He's Goneset 1
10/20/2018Cats Under the Stars>Throwing Stones,High Timeset 2
11/8/2018Man Smart (Woman Smarter)->Throwing Stones,Help on the Wayset 1
2/14/2019Reuben and Cherise>Throwing Stones>Scarlet Begoniasset 2
3/15/2019Viola Lee Blues>Throwing Stones,Row Jimmyset 2
4/27/2019Viola Lee Blues->Throwing Stones,Reuben and Cheriseset 2
6/1/2019Peggy-O,Throwing Stones[closer]encore
6/15/2019Slipknot!>Throwing Stones>He's Goneset 1
8/17/2019Franklin's Tower,Throwing Stones,Standing on the Moonset 2
10/2/2020Candyman,Throwing Stones>Fire on the Mountainset 2
7/31/2021Broken Arrow>Throwing Stones->Ship of Foolsset 2
8/20/2021Reuben and Cherise->Throwing Stones->Stella Blueset 2
9/4/2021Slipknot!>Throwing Stones>Shakedown Streetset 2
9/4/2021Shakedown Street>Throwing Stones>Comfortably Numbset 2
9/25/2021Reuben and Cherise->Throwing Stones>Big Railroad Bluesset 2
9/25/2021Big Railroad Blues>Throwing Stones,Bird Songset 2
2/12/2022Sugaree,Throwing Stones,Brown-Eyed Womenset 2
5/1/2022Reuben and Cherise->Throwing Stones->Lady With a Fanset 2
6/1/2022Not Fade Away->Throwing Stones->China Dollset 2