Saint of Circumstance

by John Perry Barlow & Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 44 Shows

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1/23/2015set 1Lost Sailor>Saint,Big Railroad Blues
2/8/2015set 2Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
2/14/2015set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Lady With a Fan
4/23/2015set 1Eyes of the World>Saint[closer]
5/30/2015set 1Lost Sailor>Saint,Uncle John's Band
7/5/2015set 2The Wheel->Saint,Morning Dew
10/2/2015set 2Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
12/2/2016set 2He's Gone->Saint[closer]
12/29/2016set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,China Cat Sunflower
1/13/2017set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Row Jimmy
3/10/2017set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
4/28/2017set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Scarlet Begonias
5/6/2017set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Althea
7/22/2017set 2Lost Sailor>Saint->Bertha
10/14/2017set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
11/24/2017set 1Box of Rain>Saint[closer]
2/16/2018set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
3/15/2018set 1Lost Sailor>Saint->Scarlet Begonias
10/27/2019set 2Shakedown Street->Saint,They Love Each Other
9/26/2019set 2Lost Sailor>Saint>Tennessee Jed
11/10/2018set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
3/2/2019set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Bird Song
3/14/2019set 1Lost Sailor>Saint,Bertha
4/26/2019set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
6/1/2019set 1Lost Sailor>Saint>U.S. Blues
8/16/2019set 2Lost Sailor>Saint>Shakedown Street
10/2/2020set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Candyman
7/30/2021set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,China Doll
9/24/2021set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,So Many Roads
10/23/2021set 2Lost Sailor>Saint>Help on the Way
2/11/2022set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
3/18/2022set 1Lost Sailor>Saint>Shakedown Street
5/14/2022set 2Touch of Grey>Saint,The Bends
7/7/2022set 1So Many Roads>Saint[closer]
7/21/2022set 1Slipknot!->Saint[closer]
8/27/2022set 2Lost Sailor>Saint->Echoes
12/4/2022set 1Lost Sailor>Saint,Help on the Way
1/29/2023set 1Lost Sailor>Saint>St. Stephen
3/3/2023set 2Lost Sailor,Saint,Death Don't Have No Mercy
5/12/2023set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Morning Dew
6/3/2023set 1Lost Sailor>Saint[closer]
8/13/2023set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Jack Straw
10/13/2023set 2Lost Sailor>Saint,Foolish Heart
1/12/2024set 2Uncle John's Band>Saint>Help on the Way