New Minglewood Blues


Performed at 33 Shows

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2/8/2015set 1Cumberland Blues,Minglewood,Deal
6/26/2015set 1Brown-Eyed Women,Minglewood,St. Stephen
8/22/2015set 1Row Jimmy->Minglewood,Help on the Way
4/30/2016set 2Eyes of the World->Minglewood,Row Jimmy
10/8/2016set 1Eyes of the World->Minglewood,The Wheel
3/9/2017set 1Throwing Stones->Minglewood,Ramble On Rose
10/13/2017set 2Here Comes Sunshine->Minglewood,Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
11/11/2017double encoreLoser->Minglewood[closer]
12/4/2017set 1Here Comes Sunshine,Minglewood,Touch of Grey
3/17/2018set 2Dancing in the Streets->Minglewood>Part II: Let It Grow
5/5/2018set 2Foolish Heart->Minglewood->Jam
7/21/2018set 2Eyes of the World>Minglewood>One More Saturday Night
8/10/2018set 1Foolish Heart->Minglewood,Cats Under the Stars
11/10/2018set 1Eyes of the World>Minglewood,Althea
3/14/2019set 2Hey Bulldog->Minglewood,Mission in the Rain
7/28/2019set 1Good Lovin',Minglewood[closer]
8/22/2019set 1Reuben and Cherise->Minglewood,Peggy-O
11/25/2019soundcheckBrown-Eyed Women->Minglewood,Touch of Grey
5/28/2021set 1Reuben and Cherise->Minglewood,Sugaree
2/10/2022set 2Foolish Heart>Minglewood,Bird Song
3/19/2022set 2Eyes of the World->Minglewood,Morning Dew
4/29/2022set 2Foolish Heart,Minglewood,Here Comes Sunshine
6/24/2022set 1Stella Blue>Minglewood,Not Fade Away
7/21/2022set 1Tangled Up in Blue>Minglewood,Crazy Fingers
8/27/2022set 1Foolish Heart->Minglewood>Bird Song
11/12/2022set 2Foolish Heart>Minglewood,Lady With a Fan
6/3/2023set 2Cats Under the Stars>Minglewood>Estimated Prophet
6/30/2023set 1Reuben and Cherise>Minglewood,He's Gone
9/10/2023set 1Dancing in the Streets>Minglewood,He's Gone
10/13/2023set 1I Second That Emotion>Minglewood,Part II: Let It Grow
11/30/2023set 1Alligator,Minglewood,I Second That Emotion
2/9/2024set 2Foolish Heart>Minglewood,It Hurts Me Too