Magnificent Sanctuary Band

by Dorsey Burnette

Performed at 10 Shows

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8/1/2014Deal,Magnificent Sanctuary Band->Reuben and Cheriseset 1
2/16/2015Iko Iko->Magnificent Sanctuary Band,Throwing Stonesset 2
12/19/2015[opener]Magnificent Sanctuary Band,St. Stephenset 2
2/11/2016Playing in the Band,Magnificent Sanctuary Band>King Solomon's Marblesset 2
10/8/2016Truckin'->Magnificent Sanctuary Band>Help on the Wayset 2
2/15/2018Doin' That Rag,Magnificent Sanctuary Band[closer]set 1
3/16/2018[opener]Magnificent Sanctuary Band[closer]encore
9/27/2019[opener]Magnificent Sanctuary Band->Good Lovin'set 1
10/20/2018Part II: Let It Grow,Magnificent Sanctuary Band,I Need A Miracleset 1
9/24/2021[opener]Magnificent Sanctuary Band>Casey Jonesset 2