Lazy Lightning

by John Perry Barlow & Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 8 Shows

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8/1/2014set 1Uncle John's Band->Lazy Lightning,St. Stephen
8/1/2014set 1Eyes of the World->Lazy Lightning->Uncle John's Band
2/8/2015set 2[opener]Lazy Lightning->Supplication
8/14/2015set 1[opener]Lazy Lightning->Bertha
2/14/2016set 1Brown-Eyed Women->Lazy Lightning,Reuben and Cherise
10/13/2017set 2Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)>Lazy Lightning->China Doll
1/18/2019set 1Bertha,Lazy Lightning[closer]
10/23/2021set 1Tennessee Jed>Lazy Lightning->Peggy-O