Jack A Roe


Performed at 13 Shows

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1/24/2015set 1Alligator->Jack A Roe->Uncle John's Band
9/6/2015set 1[opener]Jack A Roe,Truckin'
11/28/2015set 2Slipknot!>Jack A Roe->Cumberland Blues
1/7/2016set 1Slipknot!->Jack A Roe>Cumberland Blues
7/2/2016set 2[opener]Jack A Roe,Sugar Magnolia
10/7/2016set 2[opener]Jack A Roe,Dark Hollow
3/18/2017set 2Casey Jones->Jack A Roe->Dancing in the Streets
10/27/2019set 1[opener]Jack A Roe->My Brother Esau
11/8/2018set 1Slipknot!>Jack A Roe>Greatest Story Ever Told
3/1/2019set 1Cassidy>Jack A Roe>Box of Rain
6/2/2019set 2Gonesville,Jack A Roe->Eyes of the World
7/30/2021set 1Friend of the Devil->Jack A Roe,Black Throated Wind
1/29/2023set 1Wharf Rat>Jack A Roe[closer]