Foolish Heart

by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 21 Shows

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3/10/2018set 2[opener]Foolish Heart->Help on the Way
5/5/2018set 2[opener]Foolish Heart->New Minglewood Blues
2/21/2020set 1Around and Around->Foolish Heart->Killer Cars
8/10/2018set 1[opener]Foolish Heart->New Minglewood Blues
8/29/2019set 1Why Don't We Do It in the Road?>Foolish Heart>Shakedown Street
5/28/2021set 2When I Paint My Masterpiece,Foolish Heart->Help on the Way
8/19/2021set 1Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,Foolish Heart,Shakedown Street
10/8/2021set 2Born Cross Eyed,Foolish Heart,Werewolves of London
2/10/2022set 2[opener]Foolish Heart>New Minglewood Blues
4/29/2022set 2The Race Is On,Foolish Heart,New Minglewood Blues
6/1/2022set 1[opener]Foolish Heart->Tangled Up in Blue
7/3/2022set 2[opener]Foolish Heart->The Music Never Stopped
8/27/2022set 1[opener]Foolish Heart->New Minglewood Blues
11/12/2022set 2Playing in the Band,Foolish Heart>New Minglewood Blues
1/28/2023set 1[opener]Foolish Heart->Slipknot!
5/12/2023set 1Here Comes Sunshine>Foolish Heart>Gonesville
7/2/2023set 1[opener]Foolish Heart>Shakedown Street
9/10/2023set 2Jack Straw,Foolish Heart>The Music Never Stopped
10/13/2023set 2Saint of Circumstance,Foolish Heart>Eyes of the World
12/1/2023set 1[opener]Foolish Heart,Tell Me, Momma
2/9/2024set 2[opener]Foolish Heart>New Minglewood Blues