by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)

Performed at 26 Shows

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4/25/2015set 1Casey Jones,Candyman,Greatest Story Ever Told
11/27/2015set 1Greatest Story Ever Told->Candyman,St. Stephen
1/2/2016set 2Viola Lee Blues>Candyman,Uncle John's Band
10/6/2016set 2[opener]Candyman,The Race Is On
1/13/2017set 1Jam->Candyman->Uncle John's Band
3/10/2017set 2Greatest Story Ever Told>Candyman>Uncle John's Band
10/13/2017set 1Greatest Story Ever Told>Candyman,Feel Like a Stranger
11/11/2017set 1Jam->Candyman,Greatest Story Ever Told
5/5/2018set 2Cumberland Blues->Candyman>The Music Never Stopped
2/21/2020set 1Born Cross Eyed->Candyman>Around and Around
8/12/2018set 1Bertha,Candyman,Throwing Stones
11/8/2018set 2[opener]Candyman>Mr. Charlie
2/14/2019set 1Good Lovin',Candyman,St. Stephen
3/14/2019set 1Feel Like a Stranger,Candyman,Lost Sailor
6/14/2019set 2Tell Me, Momma->Candyman->Greatest Story Ever Told
10/2/2020set 2Saint of Circumstance,Candyman,Throwing Stones
5/30/2021set 1Going Down The Road Feeling Bad->Candyman,The Eleven
9/4/2021set 1Mama Tried,Candyman,Truckin'
3/17/2022set 1Feel Like a Stranger,Candyman>Fire on the Mountain
6/1/2022set 1Feel Like a Stranger->Candyman[closer]
6/24/2022set 1Hell In A Bucket,Candyman,Fire on the Mountain
8/12/2022set 2Mercury Blues,Candyman,Jack Straw
5/10/2023set 2Playing in the Band>Candyman>Playing in the Band
8/5/2023set 1Viola Lee Blues,Candyman,My Brother Esau
10/26/2023set 1Good Lovin',Candyman,My Brother Esau
2/10/2024set 2Waitin' For The Bus->Candyman,Part II: Let It Grow