Turn On Your Lovelight

by Joseph Scott (Bobby Bland)

Performed at 7 Shows

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12/27/2013Althea->Turn On Your Lovelight->Lady With a Fanset 2
8/26/2016The Music Never Stopped,Turn On Your Lovelight->Slipknot!set 1
12/30/2016Hoodoo Voodoo->Turn On Your Lovelight->Shakedown Streetset 2
1/14/2017Eyes of the World>Turn On Your Lovelight,Alligatorset 1
3/17/2017Not Fade Away->Turn On Your Lovelight,Cream Puff Warset 2
9/28/2019Box of Rain,Turn On Your Lovelight[closer]set 1
9/25/2021Here Comes Sunshine>Turn On Your Lovelight[closer]set 2